Why MedTiM Addiction Treatment Hospital?

MedTiM Addiction Treatment Hospital stands out for its exterior, interior and comfort as well as medical and non-medical equipment. You can see all this for yourself.

But the main novelty in the MedTiM clinic is the idea of a new approach to building a relationship of trust between the clinic and the patient, doctor and patient, psychologist and patient, special pedagogue and patient.

What does this mean?

This means that our ideology of successful addiction treatment lies not in attracting the patient with promises of a miracle cure or offering exotic treatments that are “guaranteed” to solve the problem once and for all. No, we are not talking about the magic pill, but about the serious work behind your successful addiction treatment.

A guiding idea of MedTiM Hospital is trust. If facing a problem, contact us for assistance and we will justify your trust.

The key factor of the successful work of MedTiM clinic are the people working in this institution, a team of experts with long-term experience in addiction treatment gathered to provide you with the best professional assistance and justify your trust. We will give you the opportunity to return to a healthy life. The life with no room for drugs or addiction.

Trust is not a word; it is the essence of a relationship.

A relationship can be filled with trust only when there is mutual understanding. Understanding the problem because of which the patient arrived, understanding the doctor about the possibilities of solving the patient’s problem. On the other hand, there is the understanding of the treatment process by the patient, the understanding and acceptance of the principles of successful treatment by the patient, i.e. what should be done and what should be avoided in order to achieve the final desired result, in order to protect against relapse and what are the risks of possible recurrence and how to avoid them.


Trust between the patient and the physician or health care associate is also the understanding and acceptance of part of the responsibility of each of these parties. In other words, this is a division of responsibility for the outcome between the clinic and the patient. What does this mean?
This means that when a patient comes for treatment, we talk to them and their family and determine the addiction treatment program and the ultimate goal.

Our medical team explains to the patient what the program consists of and what it includes. What the diagnostics is like, which detoxification procedures (if necessary) are included in the program, what the meaning of the procedure is, how the patient feels before and after the procedure, what psychotherapy, physiotherapy, regeneration, rehabilitation imply and what will they be like.

We explain each medical procedure to the patient, what its meaning is, how it is performed, how the patient feels during and after the procedure.
We explain the treatment course step-by-step, what each day of treatment looks like.

Why do we do this? Because we want the patient to understand what is happening to them, why they feel this way or that. In other words, we want the patient to believe in us, to believe in our professionalism, to believe in a successful final outcome, to believe in the possibility of healing. And every day we have to prove our professionalism, fighting for the result of each patient.

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At the discharge, we talk to the patient and treatment associates and together we assess how the first stage of treatment (hospitalization phase) was, how the patient feels at the time of discharge, whether they are satisfied with their condition, and the summary of what was achieved.

This is a very important point, because the treatment is not over yet, only its first stage is over. And the transition to the outpatient addiction treatment stage always implies that that the patient and their family accept responsibility and control over obeying the rules of treatment and behaviour in the future. From this moment, the clinic can no longer 100% control the patient, it cannot control the way the patient takes medications, how they follow the recommendations of a psychologist, the way they communicate with a psychiatrist, come for follow-ups, etc. From this moment, the course of treatment is the responsibility of the patient and their associates in the treatment.

But we trust the patient! We are always ready to help them, especially when it is difficult for them to find the answer to their questions. All you have to do is call us. There is no need to hide the problem if it occurs suddenly, there is no need to lie to yourself and your loved ones, you just need to call and share the problem with us.

We never reject our patients; the doors of our clinic are always open to them. Together we will always find a solution to every problem, no matter how difficult it may be. That is the trust we insist on.

Trust is our principle, the principle of treatment in our clinic.

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