Neurometabolic therapy

Neurometabolic therapy

Long-term consumption of narcotics, alcohol and other PAS has a negative impact on the central nervous system. Neurometabolic therapy stimulates the synthesis and utilization of oxygen and glucose, more than 19 times increases the synthesis of adenosine triphosphate in conditions of ischemia and hypoxia. The composition of neurometabolic preparations includes about 30 percent of organic substances such as peptides, amino acids, nucleosides, lipids and oligosaccharides, trace elements (sodium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium). Under their influence, the transfer of glucose from the blood to the cerebrum can be increased by up to 50%.

Neurometabolic therapy applied in appropriate combination with specific therapy and psychotherapy in less than four weeks has led to an improvement of state in more than 85% of patients with various mental disorders.


Complex therapy that includes neurometabolic therapy reduces nutritional deficits and improves neural connections.
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The biological activity of neurometabolic stimulants has the following effects:

Nootropic effect:

positive effect on the disorder of higher functions of the cerebral cortex, the level of reasoning and self-criticism, improving thinking, attention, speech.

Mnemotropic effect:

positive impact on memory and learning ability,

Improving the clarity of consciousness:

reducing the state of depression and darkening of consciousness,

Adaptogenic effect:

strengthening the body's resistance in extreme conditions,

Antiasthenic effect:

reduction of symptoms of asthenia: weakness, languor, exhaustion, mental exhaustion, depression,

Psychostimulating effect:

increase of activity, resistance to stress, reducing anxiety, formation of criticism towards one's condition, elimination of psychomotor retardation 7. Antidepressant effect - strengthening life motives and stimuli,

Sedative or tranquilizing effect:

reduction of irritability and emotional sensitivity,

Positive effect on the vegetative (peripheral) nervous system:

improvement of the condition in Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disorders, encephalopathy, epilepsy and the consequences of toxins on the CNS.

Indications - neurometabolic therapy is used in case of:

Neurometabolic therapy

Contraindications - neurometabolic therapy is not used in case of adverse reactions to some of the components of therapy.

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