Accommodation at the MedTiM clinic

The MedTiM addiction treatment clinic was built according to world standards and as such is one of the largest and best equipped clinics in Europe. During the construction of the new facility, we tried to ensure that the clinic has maximum functionality and that, in addition to the medical aspect, we pay special attention to the comfort and convenience of our patients.

Our hospital has 12 single and double rooms as well as 6 suites. In this part of the hospital, there is also a procedure room where nurses place peripheral venous catheters every day, measure blood pressure, temperature and perform daily pharmacological and therapeutic procedures.

In the same area, there is a doctor’s office, where daily examinations of patients are performed, cardiograms are performed, and if necessary, additional therapy is prescribed and additional examinations are performed. Patients at the MedTiM addiction treatment clinic are accommodated in spacious, comfortable and modern rooms where they are provided with maximum privacy.

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Dining room and creative zone

In the complex of Med TiM Hospital, there is also a dining room where quality food prepared in our restaurant is served. The dining room is designed for 20 patients and they can take food, drinks, cold snacks, fruit and sweets during the day.

In a spacious hall there is also a creative zone with comfortable armchairs and sofas, where patients can spend their free time watching TV, movies, playing playstation games and board games.

This spacious room equipped in the state-of-the-art manner is designed not only as a place to dine or spend time, but also as part of a hospital where patients treated for addiction can spend quality free time socializing and working with occupational therapists.

Accommodation at the clinic and a specially adapted menu

During the treatment and rehabilitation in MedTiM clinic, our patients receive, in addition to the best treatments, comfortable home-like accommodation. 

Comfortable and modern accommodation gives patients the opportunity to rest and relax with a favorite book or series.

The spacious living room with dining area is used for socializing and watching shows and movies together, dining, playing board games, and often organized joint conversations.

The cable operator offers you the possibility of a large number of channels, both entertainment, documentaries and movies. There’s also high-speed Wi-Fi so you can interact with your family or just surf the net.

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