Diagnostics – Treatment for addiction

Diagnostics – Treatment for addiction


Diagnostics in the treatment for addiction is an extremely important part of the procedure, because it is used to determine the presence or absence of the disease. Thanks to diagnostics, we perform classification in certain diagnostic category and during its process we determine the symptoms and signs of the disease. As such, it is very important in the treatment for addiction because its essence is actually an assessment of the overall physical condition and mental health of our patients.

Why is diagnostics so important?

Diagnostics is important in order to determine the condition of the patient to be treated for addiction. The reason is the procedures that have their own indications and contraindications. It is the proper diagnostics that determines which procedures will be used in the treatment for addictive disorders.

We determine the condition of the patient who came to our hospital

With the help of diagnostics, we perform a complete assessment of the mental health and physical condition of the patient, too

If the diagnostics determines i.e. reveals that there is a certain health condition, the patient will be referred to detailed examinations. The MedTiM Addiction Treatment Hospital cooperates with leading clinics in Serbia that provide detailed examinations, including a scanner, MRI, ultrasound, X-ray, as well as consultations with specialist doctors. 

Additional analyzes, opinions of specialist doctors or specific laboratory tests after the diagnostic examination at our clinic are not included in the price and are additionally charged according to the price list of the recommended clinic.

Diagnostics – Treatment for addiction
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What does diagnostics involve in the treatment for addiction

Immediately upon admission to our MedTiM addiction treatment hospital, the patient will undergo a complete diagnostic examination to assess his or her true physical condition and decide on the first steps in treatment

Diagnostic procedures – Treatment for addiction

Diagnostic procedures

Upon admission itself, and based on the internal examination, common procedures are performed, which are included in the price of treatment. These include ultrasound of the heart and abdomen, ENT examination of addicts who used to inhale the substance, ECG examination, laboratory tests for HIV and hepatitis viruses, Doppler of blood vessels. The internal medicine specialist determines additional diagnostic procedures with which we will determine the indications and contraindications for treatment (MRT, CT, X-ray, gastroscopy, etc.). These procedures are not included in the price of treatment and are extra charged.

Psychiatric assessment – Treatment for addiction

Psychiatric assessment

The assessment is performed through an appointment with a psychiatrist, where personal and family history of the disease is taken. The aim of the appointment is to try to get to know the patient better through the answers, to see the difficulties, circumstances that caused the disorder and other important facts relevant for diagnosing the disorder, assessing the patient’s condition and applying appropriate pharmacotherapy. During the treatment, the psychiatrist has daily appointments with the patient in order to monitor the condition and efficiency of the procedures and psychotherapy. At the first appointment the doses of illicit substances that the patient consumed are determined, in order to make a complete and precise treatment plan.

Psychodiagnostics – Treatment for addiction


Psychological testing, which involves the application of tests to assess cognitive functions, personality assessment through structured psychological tests as well as projective techniques. 

In cooperation with a psychologist and a special pedagogue, we assess the psychological status of the patient based on which we determine a psychotherapeutic approach to treatment that is individual for each patient.

Laboratory tests – Treatment for addiction

Laboratory tests

After the patient is admitted to hospital blood tests are performed– CBC, biochemical analyzes, as well as extended analyzes if there are indications. In addition to laboratory blood tests, urine tests are also performed.

Specialist examinations

Upon admission to the hospital, each patient will be examined by an internal medicine specialist in order to determine indications, but also contraindications for the procedures the hospital has at its disposal, which are related to the treatment program itself.

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