Spa center for relaxation

At our clinic for the treatment for addictive disorders, there is a state-of-the-art SPA center which consists of a modern sauna, a massage room and a room for physical therapy.

Our patients have the opportunity to relax completely alone in modern spa center, which gives them the opportunity to relax in peace every day and enjoy the benefits of wellness.

Physical therapy and massage

Success in the treatment for addiction is talked about primarily by patients who defeated addiction with the help of our innovative treatments and procedures, but also by the physical therapy techniques we apply. Our addiction treatment hospital MedTiM has the most modern equipment for physical therapy. Massage is used in the treatment for addiction and mental disorders as a means of helping to relax muscles, raise tone and increase their flexibility. During the massage of the patient, we get to the effect acting on the body in a relaxing manner, the heart rate is regulated, the blood pressure is lowered and proper breathing is established.

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