The most modern hospital for the addiction treatment in Europe

Open a new chapter in life and let the addiction become a bad memory

Med TiM Hospital treats addiction, depression and anxiety.

With the help of professional medical staff and a unique treatment program in this area, we try to overcome to the maximum extent all types of addictions that are common today, and which due to the nature of the disorder have negative consequences and destroy the entire individual and family system.
Thanks to innovative psychological methods, we treat mental addiction, and as a result, it is expected to reduce the addictive mechanisms that actually keep the patient addicted and strengthen the craving for the effect of PAS (psychoactive substance). 

The principle of treatment is individual and is formed on the basis of diagnostics and psychodiagnostics at the very beginning of treatment.

Perfect location - Only 10 minutes from Belgrade

MedTiM Clinic is located in Novi Banovci, a beautiful place on the banks of the Danube River, located just 10 minutes from Belgrade and Nikola Tesla Airport. The proximity of the highway and the airport helps you get to our addiction treatment hospital quickly and easily

Addiction treatment with the latest procedures

When you have tried everything and given up, it is time for MedTiM addiction treatment procedures.

Med TiM Hospital treats physical addiction through innovative medical procedures, all with the aim of cleansing the body of harmful products, as well as preparing the patient to take implants that help them build stable abstinence during the rehabilitation period. The team of psychiatrists, anesthesiologists, internal medicine specialists, psychologists, special pedagogues, medical technicians, security and other non-medical staff, with their expertise contributes to maintaining the quality of work at a high level, so that all procedures and techniques are implemented according to the treatment plan and give expected results.

Why should one choose MedTiM?

Special attention and work is focused on resistant addicts – addicts who have been treated several times, from whom the narrower and wider social community has given up in providing support and assistance for future treatments.


A hospital with state-of-the-art equipment for the addiction treatment, which covers over 2,200 m2 near Belgrade.


The MedTiM addiction treatment hospital is equipped with the most modern intensive care unit.


Our professional team consists of doctors who provide fantastic results with their long-term experience.


The principle of treatment is individual and is formed on the basis of diagnostics and psychodiagnostics at the very beginning of treatment.


World-renowned latest procedures for the addiction treatment that yield long-term results.


The hospital has comfortable and modern rooms, a modern gym, spa and physical therapy department.

Consultations and open doors for all our patients

Return to the path of mental and physical health

Our entire professional team has long-term experience in treating addictive disorders, depression and anxiety. The psychotherapeutic directions used are family systemic and CBT therapy and are aimed at strengthening voluntary mechanisms that help a person return to the path of mental and physical health through emotions and social skills, acquired but suppressed due to the disorder nature.

In addition to inpatient treatment, the hospital’s professional team also organizes consultations (open doors) for families and individuals facing a problem with addiction, depression and anxiety but not motivated enough for treatment or unable to receive inpatient treatment.

MedTiM Addiction Treatment Hospital - Belgrade, Serbia

The comfort and safety of our patients come first

The comfort you deserve during the healing process

The hospital has 18 rooms, of which 6 are suites and 12 are single and double rooms. The apartments are designed for patients who want more comfort and intimacy during treatment. Some rooms have a terrace which is also a smoking area.

In order for the patient to use quality time in the afternoon, the hospital has a spacious and modernly equipped room designed not only as a place to dine or spend time, but also as a part of the hospital where patients treated for addiction can spend quality free time socializing and working with occupational therapists.

After medical and psychological treatments, the Med Tim addiction treatment hospital provided its patients with a spa program with the following contents: infrared sauna, Alpha LED Oxy spa capsule, hyperbaric chamber, gym, manual massage, lymphatic drainage and physical therapy.

Check out the accommodation in our hospital

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