Occupation room – Leisure during treatment

The MedTiM addiction treatment clinic takes care of all its patients. During our long-term work with addicts, our professional team realized that hospital treatment can be monotonous, especially for patients who had a rich social life. During their stay in the clinic, patients have access to various activities, including a playstation console, a table tennis table, table football and occupational manual therapy.

During the addiction treatment program, we try to provide our patients with additional interesting content. It serve us to make time pass faster for patients, and at the same time to divert thoughts from the treatment itself and the family that they miss during their stay in hospital.

During the occupational therapy, patients are guided by a therapist who helps them to look at life from a different angle and to participate more in social life. Occupational therapy facilitates the patient’s entire healing process and helps them replace old life with new and healthy habits.

MedTiM Hospital has spacious rooms that offer the necessary comfort for the development of a therapeutic treatment program.

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