Heroin detoxification

Heroin detoxification - The only way to get off this drug

Heroin is an extremely dangerous and highly addictive drug that causes addiction in a very short time. The experiences of people who have been on heroin show that it is very difficult, and almost impossible, to “get off” easily from this drug. The reason for this is the extremely unpleasant symptoms of the withdrawal crisis that an addict feels when they suddenly stop abusing heroin. The only way to permanently get rid of this life-threatening psychoactive substance is heroin detoxification.

Heroin detoxification and what heroin is?

Heroin detoxification, as the name suggests, is a method of cleansing the body of a heroin addict. That’s why the question arises here – what is heroin?

It is a drug made from morphine, a substance obtained from the resin of the opium poppy pod. The color and appearance of heroin depends on the way it is made and with what other substances it can be mixed.

Heroin can be in the form of a white or brown powder, and it can also be found as a black, sticky substance (black tar heroin). This narcotic belongs to a group of psychoactive drugs called opiates or opioids. Other opiates include certain prescription pain relievers such as codeine, oxycodone, and hydrocodone.

Abuse of heroin certainly leads to psychological and physical dependence on heroin. Considering the highly addictive potential of heroin, this narcotic poses a serious health risk and problem even if a person consumes it once! Heroin is a depressant drug that immediately, after consumption, causes a feeling of well-being and relief from pain.

It is precisely these effects that make a person develop a strong desire to consume heroin again, which results in the development of psychological dependence on heroin. On the other hand, when a person tries to stop abusing heroin, a withdrawal crisis occurs. That is why the addict, in the desire to alleviate the extremely unpleasant withdrawal symptoms, consumes heroin again, which means that the risk of relapse is very high. This is a sign that physical addiction to heroin has set in.

In all cases, detoxification from heroin, as part of treatment for the treatment of heroin addiction, in clinical-hospital conditions, is the only way to stop heroin consumption once and for all.

Heroin detoxification and heroin addiction

Heroin detoxification is therefore necessary for the complete cure of heroin addiction. Namely, heroin addiction is a serious abuse disorder of this substance. Heroin addiction is characterized by an intense psychological and physical craving for the consumption of this narcotic. Although heroin is illegal, many other opiates are obtained legally when prescribed by a doctor.

A characteristic of all opiates is that they relieve pain by blocking or reducing the number of pain signals sent to the brain. Also, opiates affect the brain causing a large release of endorphin hormones, which makes a person feel happy, euphoric or “high”. It is precisely these properties that make heroin and other opiates highly addictive psychoactive substances.

If you or someone close to you is struggling with heroin addiction, heroin detoxification and drug addiction blood cleansing are a safe way out of this condition. A heroin detoxification center will definitely help you with that.

Heroin abuse and overdose deaths have increased dramatically over the past decade. This increase is linked to a growing number of people abusing prescription opioid painkillers. Some people who become addicted to these drugs often switch to heroin, since it produces similar effects, but is cheaper and easier to obtain.

Most people who abuse or have used heroin indicate that they first abused prescription opioids. Research suggests that about one-third of all heroin users who seek treatment become addicted by abusing heroin immediately, without prior use of opioid drugs.

Even one use of heroin is enough to cause addiction! Chronic and continuous consumption of heroin can lead to an overdose.

Heroin detoxification and causes of heroin addiction

Heroin addiction can be caused by a combination of genetic, behavioral and environmental factors. Known risk factors for heroin addiction include:

It is important to remember that having one or more of these risk factors does not mean that someone will develop the disease of heroin addiction. Studies and research show that, if some of the mentioned risk factors are present, a person is exposed to an increased risk of substance abuse and addiction.

Heroin detoxification and heroin effects

In order for heroin detoxification to be carried out properly, it is important to know the consequences of heroin use, i.e. what effects this drug causes. This is important, since heroin detoxification is the process by which the effects of heroin are eliminated.

Namely, heroin is a central nervous system depressant drug. This means that this narcotic slows down brain functions and affects breathing (which also slows down or stops). Body temperature and pressure drop, while the heartbeat becomes irregular.

The effects of heroin depend on the following factors:
Short-term effects of heroin
Immediately after consuming heroin, a person feels a “rush”, that is, a rush of pleasure or euphoria. However, other short-term effects of heroin include:
Heroin is often not in its pure form, that is, it contains additional substances, such as sugar, starch or milk powder, which can clog the blood vessels leading to the lungs, liver, kidneys or brain, causing permanent damage to these organs.
Long-term effects of heroin

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Heroin detoxification and heroin overdose (intoxication)

In case of heroin overdose, it is necessary to carry out heroin detoxification in the shortest possible time, in order to prevent a fatal outcome. Only an appropriate, recognized and well-known heroin detoxification center, such as the MedTiM addiction treatment clinic, can perform a professional and thorough heroin detoxification.

A heroin overdose can occur when a person abuses a large dose of this psychoactive substance than his/her body can handle. This condition is life-threatening and if proper medical help and blood cleansing of the addict is not carried out immediately, death can occur.

More precisely, in this case, urgent hospitalization is necessary due to drug detoxification.

When a person overdoses on heroin, their breathing slows down or stops. The result is a reduction in the amount of oxygen reaching the brain (a condition called hypoxia). Hypoxia can have short- and long-term psychological and mental effects on the nervous system, including coma and permanent brain damage.

I sintomi di sovradosaggio di eroina

Heroin detoxification and withdrawal crisis

As with any other drug, a person can develop a tolerance to heroin. However, heroin is specific in that a person can build up a tolerance to this psychoactive substance after using it just a few times!

To achieve the same effect as before, the addict takes a higher dose at more frequent intervals. Their body becomes dependent on heroin and can only function with it. In the case of a sudden cessation of heroin consumption, a withdrawal crisis occurs. Since the withdrawal crisis is characterized by a series of extremely unpleasant physical and psychological symptoms, safe and painless detoxification from heroin is the only way to overcome this painful and unpleasant condition.

Short-term withdrawal symptoms (first 24 hours)

Long-term withdrawal crisis symptoms (after 24 hours)

Se riconoscete che una persona a voi vicina sta vivendo una crisi d’astinenza, allora è dovuto un ricovero per disintossicazione da farmaci, ovvero da eroina!

MedTim - Heroin addiction treatment clinic and modern heroin detoxification center

MedTiM is a modern hospital for the treatment of addiction and psychological problems, as well as a professional heroin detoxification center. As part of the innovative and revolutionary treatment for heroin addiction, our team of internationally recognized and well-known doctors and other experts performs complete detoxification from heroin.

What sets us apart from others is that we perform COMPLETELY PAINLESS AND SAFE HEROIN DETOXIFICATION!

Heroin detoxification at MedTiM represents the initial and one of the most important stages in the long-term treatment of heroin addiction. More precisely, detoxification of the body from heroin is the first step in the treatment of addiction to heroin, and other opiates and psychoactive substances. The detoxification process from heroin involves cleaning the blood, that is, the body of a person addicted to toxic substances.

If you are interested in blood cleansing, how much it costs, that is, the costs of blood cleansing, please feel free to contact us at any time, because we are available for you 24/7!

Detoxification from heroin helps prevent relapse, or relapse due to physical crises. In the detoxification process, we include pharmacotherapy as support in creating long-term abstinence, that is, abstinence from the abuse of heroin and other opiates!

Heroin detoxification and blood cleansing at the MedTiM clinic will help the addict’s body to expel toxic substances in a faster way.

UROD procedures and drugs for drug detoxification

The UROD procedure at our clinic, better known as ultra-fast detoxification from heroin and other opiates, is proven, reliable and one of the best methods for cleansing the body! During the UROD procedure, which completely helps the patient to go through the detoxification process painlessly, special drugs for drug detoxification are also used.

Rapid detoxification of the organism at the MedTim clinic prevents the risk of relapse in more than 80% of cases!

Ultra-rapid opioid detoxification is a method that helps the body get rid of heroin in a faster and more painless way. Also, the UROD procedure allows the addict to go through the cleansing of the blood from heroin and other harmful substances without feeling it and without any discomfort.

This rapid heroin detox is conducted slowly under total anesthesia in the intensive care unit and lasts from 6 to 8 hours under the constant supervision of an anesthesiologist. In the ultra-rapid detoxification procedure, opiate detoxification is induced using a bolus injection of very high doses of an opiate antagonist (naloxone, a drug detoxification medication that reverses the effects of heroin) under general anesthesia or heavy sedation.

Naloxone is administered intravenously throughout the rapid detoxification procedure in a fixed dose. The UROD procedure is performed by an anesthesiologist. Before prescribing the UROD procedure, the patient goes through a series of diagnostic tests to make sure there are no contraindications.

After UROD detoxification, the patient receives anti-abstinence drugs and vitamin support that helps reduce the desire for heroin and restore the health of organs affected by the abuse of this narcotic.

Heroin detoxification and blood cleansing price

If you are interested in blood cleansing prices that is, blood cleansing and how much it costs, as part of detoxification from heroin, do not hesitate to call us, because we are here for all kinds of information!

We clean the blood with the aforementioned detoxification procedures, but also with plasmapheresis. Plasmapheresis is a completely painless method of detoxification and blood cleansing, since in addition to detoxification, it has anti-inflammatory and immunomodulating properties. This is one of the most productive detoxification methods, because blood plasmapheresis increases the efficiency of further treatment and completely revitalizes the patient’s body, which is why it is especially important in the initial stages of treatment.

At the end of treatment, every patient who has undergone heroin detoxification and a check to see if the body has been cleansed of traces of opiates receives a Naltrexone liquid implant. The effect of the injection lasts for 30 days, after which the patient should receive the same dose again for the next 30 days. It is recommended that in the next year, the so-called blocker is taken since it represents a good, not only physical, but also mental block against possible psychological crises that can lead to relapse.

In addition to blockers, the patient is assigned appropriate pharmacotherapy and recommended to continue psychotherapy. If there are contraindications for Naltrexone injection, the patient is prescribed tablets (drug detoxification medication) whose effect lasts 24 hours and which are taken along with prescribed regular therapy by a psychiatrist at the end of hospital treatment.

When it comes to the costs of blood cleansing, in the case of treatment for heroin addiction lasting 10 days, the blocker is not included in the price of the treatment. While for treatment lasting 14 days, the first blocker is included in the price of the treatment.

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