Alcohol addiction

What is Alcohol Addiction and How To treat Alcohol Addiction?

Alcohol addiction or alcoholism (alcohol use disorder – AUD) is a chronic, compulsive and progressive disease which includes not only physical, but also psychosocial problems for an alcoholic, his family, friends and his whole environment. Alcoholism or alcohol addiction belongs to the group of really addictive diseases.

In other words, addiction of alcohol is not just bad habit or lack of moral, as most people like to think. Alcohol addiction is a serious and real disease that negatively affects every single aspect of an alcoholic’s life. Professional and medical help with alcohol addiction is the only proven way to treat alcohol addiction.

According to the number of patients-alcoholics and its prevalence, alcohol addiction is the third biggest and most common disease, that comes after cardiovascular diseases and tumors. In addition to this devastating fact, an alcoholic is never alone with his problem, because alcoholic’s family suffers often, as well. Unfortunately, the number of alcoholics and people that need alcohol addiction treatment is way bigger in reality than the official numbers.

In this article, we’ll cover some of the most important things about alcohol addiction. For example, you will find out what are alcohol addiction symptoms, how do alcoholics behave, how to recognize an alcoholic, and what are the effects and consequences of AUD. But also, you will find where to seek help for alcohol addiction, what is the right treatment for addiction to alcohol, and how to leave alcohol once and for all.

Alcohol Addiction – Understanding Alcohol

When it comes to alcohol addiction, first we need to understand the nature of substance that causes this terrifying disease – alcohol. Alcohol, although legal and available at every corner and store, is so addictive that alcoholics simply cannot resist the urge to consume alcoholic beverages. And, from the alcoholic’s point of view – there is always a reason for drinking.

Alcohol addiction is the most widespread addiction disease today and the only way to get out of this condition is treating alcohol addiction!

Alcohol is practically the most popular psychoactive drug that people commonly consume at social gatherings. This legal substance lowers anxiety levels and inhibitions, brining a full range of side effects, such as slurred speech, lack of coordination, unconsciousness, etc. Not everyone who drinks alcohol is automatically an alcoholic. However, if a person drinks alcoholic beverages often (many times as binge drinking) without being able to control his urge or desire to consume alcohol, that is a certain road to become addicted to alcohol and to have alcohol use disorder.

Treatment for alcohol addiction significantly lowers the chances for serious health risks and fatal outcomes of alcohol addiction.

Alcohol (ethanol or ethyl alcohol) is a toxic substance that can be found in alcoholic beverages, such as beer, wine, liquor, schnapps.. Alcohol is a substance responsible for the drunk feeling. When a person consumes alcoholic beverage, about 20% of alcohol will be absorbed through digestive system (stomach), and the other 80% will be absorbed in the small intestine.

That way, before it gets flushed out of the system, alcohol first makes its way to a person’s body via bloodstream. That’s the moment when troubles begin, because alcohol at this point starts interfering the normal functioning of all body’s systems. Liver, as the vital organ in our body that cleans our system from toxins, is the organ responsible for metabolizing the most alcohol content that has been consumed. With binge drinking and consuming alcohol uncontrollably for the long period of time, alcohol, as a toxic substance, can put a lot of strain to liver, leading to many health problems (cirrhosis, fatty liver, alcoholic hepatitis…).

When alcohol gets to the brain, it disrupts the normal functioning of neurotransmitters which has a negative impact on the mood, perception and awareness.

Alcohol addiction

What Is Alcoholism – Addiction of Alcohol?

Alcohol addiction is defined by an alcohol and how this substance “infiltrates” to person’s body, mind and soul. Figuratively speaking, alcohol is an infallible manipulator and a skilled deceiver. Initially, this substance offers a person good fun, a cheerful mood, a sense of relaxation and self-confidence. Bearing in mind that this is all just a delusion, when a person gets addicted to alcohol, then this substance shows its “true face” and begins to have a devastating effect on every aspect of a person’s life.

Alcohol addiction or alcoholism is definitely a disease. People often mistakenly believe that alcohol addiction is just a bad habit that can be simply overcome just by stopping drinking. Unfortunately, this is not the case and qualified alcohol addiction help is a crucial step towards overcoming addiction of alcohol.

Alcohol addiction is a progressive disease that does not develop overnight. What starts as casual drinking of a few glasses of alcoholic beverage can turn into a nightmare for the person relatively quickly! Alcoholism is a medical condition which is characterized by inability to stop, quit or control alcohol drinking (unhealthy alcohol use), despite all the negative physical, mental and social effects and consequences alcohol causes in every day life.

Fortunately, there is always an effective and evidence-based alcohol addiction treatment which can help a person recover from an addiction of alcohol, by removing the urge to drink.

Alcohol Addiction Is a Serious Disease That Can Cause Death

So, alcohol addiction is a real disease that causes structural changes in the brain and its neuro-chemistry, especially after consuming alcohol in long period of time. This means that a person suffering from an alcohol addiction (alcohol use disorder), often cannot control his actions. Simply put, alcohol addiction is a condition when a person has a compulsive and intense psychological and physical need to drink alcohol, despite all the harmful consequences.

An alcoholic is a person who drinks and abuses alcohol excessively, without the ability to manage, control or stop their drinking habits. In other words, people struggling with addiction of alcohol feel that they cannot function normally without alcohol. This pattern of behavior and thinking can lead a person into numerous problems – health, family, business, financial… In the worst case, alcoholism can cost a person his life.

When alcoholics remember when they drank for the first time, their first thought will be that they have never imagined or wanted to become what they are one day – alcohol addicts! Moreover, in the beginning, alcoholics strongly believed that alcohol addiction and all the harmful effects of this substance could not happen to them. Many people become alcoholics by underestimating the “power” of this substance and its extremely harmful addictive potential.

Given that alcohol addiction is a progressive disease that develops gradually, people become alcoholics slowly, almost imperceptibly. At first, alcohol is consumed in a socially customary way, for various reasons. Teenagers do it to prove themselves and gain (false) self-confidence, while many other people start drinking alcohol to achieve the effect of relaxation.

The problem is that people who consume alcohol frequently become dependent to alcohol, by developing tolerance. In other words, alcoholics need to drink more frequently or in larger amounts each to achieve the desired effect. From the initial desire for a pleasant mood, a person suddenly becomes addicted to alcohol. This is the point when a person no longer drinks for pleasurable feelings, but because of an intense, compulsive craving for alcohol. Alcohol addiction definitely does not choose its victims.

How Does The Alcohol Addiction Develop?

As we have mentioned earlier, alcohol addiction develops gradually. This is why addiction of alcohol is very difficult to recognize, due to the general social acceptance of the use of this substance. Unlike other psychoactive substances, such as heroin and cocaine, alcohol is widely available, legal and accepted in many cultures.

Alcoholic beverages are almost always at the “hot spot” of many social events, parties and celebrations. Given the prevalence of drinking in society, it can be very difficult to make difference between someone who likes to drink an alcoholic beverage every now and then and someone who has an alcohol use disorder (AUD).

Generally speaking, there are four criteria that determine whether someone is an alcoholic or not. It is enough to meet only two of following 4 criteria, so someone can be considered as a person who has developed alcohol addiction. Once again, we need to emphasize – treating alcohol addiction is the only way to get rid of this potentially lethal condition.

Now, let’s get down to criteria of developing alcohol addiction.

1) Loss of control

The first criterion is so-called “loss of control”. This means that the person can’t stop with the first glass, but is drawn to keep drinking until he/she is drunk. It is also called the “first glass phenomenon”, considering the fact that a person can go days without drinking, but when he/she drinks for the first time, person loses control over further alcohol consumption.

2) Impossibility of withdrawal

Withdrawal or abstinence means not consuming even the slightest amount of alcohol. People who meet this criterion can’t go without drinking for a long time. In the beginning, there is binge drinking, once a month approximately, and then the periods without drinking become shorter and shorter, so in the end, person can’t last even a few days without alcohol. , but drink daily, according to the topping-up system. If they don’t drink, then alcohol withdrawal symptoms occur – a very unpleasant and painful effects, accompanied by an irresistible urge and craving to drink, nervousness, irritability, tremors and sweating. Alcohol withdrawal syndrome is a positive sign of physical dependence on alcohol. It occurs mainly in the morning hours, due to a drop in the level of alcohol in the blood, and can be stopped by taking new amounts of alcohol, or, as during treatment, by taking certain tranquilizers.

3) Memory blackout

The third criterion is the so-called “alcohol memory blackout”. It often happens to alcoholics that they simply cannot remember what they did while being alcohol intoxicated. For example, they can’t remember how and with whom they spent a certain amount of time, how they returned home, etc. These periods of memory blackouts occur already at usual doses of ingested alcohol for them.

4) Alcohol tolerance

The fourth criterion of developing alcohol addiction is the so-called “increase in tolerance” (alcohol tolerance). Alcoholics drink an average of over half a liter of hard liquor per day!

Often times, wanting to prove to others that they are not alcoholics, they claim that they drink more than half a liter and do not get drunk, not knowing that this is one of the basic criteria that speaks in favor of the alcohol addiction! In the last stage of the alcoholism, after many years of high tolerance and alcohol dependence, the opposite process happens. In other words, even smaller amounts of alcohol can intoxicate alcoholics, when they show signs of alcohol abuse and alcohol addiction symptoms even after one or two glasses!

This is clearly a sign of severe alcohol addiction damage to the entire organism, especially the brain, and in this phase the greatest number of negative health consequences occur.

What Are Symptoms of An Alcohol addiction?

There are numerous signs and symptoms of an alcohol addiction. In other words, there are a lot of signs that can be strong indicator that a person has developed alcohol addiction. All of these alcohol addiction symptoms negatively impact many areas of a person’s well-being over time.

Generally speaking, all symptoms of an alcohol addiction can be divided into three separate groups: physical, psychological and social alcohol addiction symptoms.

For example, alcohol addiction symptoms and signs include physical signs such as spending more and more time being hungover and recovering from alcohol’s effects, significant weight changes, poor hygiene and coordination, many health problems, such as liver problems, pancreatitis, weakened immune system, etc.

Also, alcohol addiction includes psychological alcohol addiction symptoms, such as irritability, rapid mood swings, memory and concentration problems, worsening anxiety, etc. Nevertheless, alcohol addiction has a negative impact on a person’s social life. For instance, alcoholic spends less time with his friends and more time isolating himself. Alcoholic’s performances in school or work rapidly drop, conflicts with members of his family, friends or coworkers increase…

Needles to say that social symptoms of an alcohol addiction include alcoholic’s inability to stick with a plan or routine. Person becomes inconsistent and unpredictable – on day they could be happy, the very next day they could be hostile, angry and feeling down.

Alcohol addiction
Alcohol Addiction Symptoms

If a person shows meets at least two or three of the following criteria (alcohol addiction symptoms) in the last 12 months, that can be a strong indicator of alcohol abuse disorder, thus alcohol addiction.

Alcohol use disorder or addiction of alcohol can be of moderate or mild intensity, when the person who drinks meets two or three of the listed criteria. The greater the number of criteria that a person meets, the more severe the degree of alcoholism it is.

1) Short-Term Effects of Alcohol Abuse:

2) Long-Term Effects of Alcohol Abuse:

Drinking alcohol for a long period of time can cause really dangerous and severe long-term effects that can be irreversible and can lead to fatal outcome – death. Some of the long-term effects of alcohol addiction include:

This is why treatment of alcohol addiction is necessary, even in the early stages of an alcoholism. The sooner the alcohol addiction treatment begins, the more chances are for complete recovery!

Alcoholic behavior is manifested through character traits, social and emotional immaturity. For instance, alcoholic often times manipulates his environment, denies and lies about his own alcoholism in order to continue drinking. Most alcoholics are socially immature persons. For example, husband alcoholic usually leaves family responsibilities to his spouse and he is sloppy at workplace. Often times he cannot have a normal relationship with his partner, he doesn’t participate in raising children and can’t find or keep one job. Alcoholic has a negative attitude towards authorities and lack of self-discipline. Alcohol addict has an impulsive and inconsistent attitude towards family members, which leads to family dysfunction.

Alcohol addiction

How to Treat Alcohol Addiction?

As we could see, alcohol addiction is a disease that, if not treated, completely destroys a person’s life. It is a common myth that alcohol addiction can be overcome simply just by quit drinking. On the contrary, this can just make thing more difficult for an alcoholic and make his problem even worse! So, the questions arise – how to treat alcohol addiction? What is the right alcohol addiction treatment? What is an adequate help for alcohol addiction?

The good news is that there are numerous options for safe, secure and quality alcohol addiction treatment. Therefore, if you’re wondering how and where to treat alcohol addiction, the answer is – international MedTiM rehabilitation addiction center! Our specialized addiction treatment hospital is a modern clinic, equipped according to the latest world standards. Also, our internationally renowned and recognized team of doctors has decades of experience in treating any form of addiction – including alcohol addiction!

We have managed to cure even the most demanding patients around the world from alcohol addiction! These are patients who couldn’t function normally for a day without alcohol and whose complete healing represents the greatest satisfaction to us, as well as proof that supports the quality of our treatments. We know how to help an alcoholic who does not want to be helped and we have proved it!

Thanks to innovative methods, individual approach and medically proven treatment for addiction alcohol, AUD will become only your ugly and a long distant past!

How to Treat Alcohol Addiction?

Alcohol addiction treatment at MedTiM international rehab hospital includes a holistic approach which is a psychological, pharmacological and social treatment program.

At our clinic, we perform completely safe and painless detoxification procedure, which cleanses the patient’s body from all traces of alcohol. Cleansing or detoxifying method at MedTiM international addiction hospital not only helps preventing alcohol relapse, but also resolves all the symptoms of an alcohol withdrawal – without any pain and discomfort! In addition, alcohol detoxification at the MedTiM clinic helps the patient’s body to expel all harmful alcohol products in a faster and safer way!

After the detoxification procedure, each patient who underwent psychotherapy receives a unique anti-alcohol medicine! This alcohol blocker enables a period of time during which the patient is completely protected from all the consequences of alcohol. During this period, the patient, along with the help of our psychiatrists, psychotherapists and psychologists, has the chance to solve all the problems that can create a desire to drink again. Simply, this unique alcohol blocker gives enough time to the patient to find the inner energy and strength to quit alcohol forever! We know how to help with alcohol addiction, because the effects of this anti-alcohol medicine are visible immediately! Without alcohol cravings, our patients have an amazing opportunity to get back to a happy and healthy life! This is exactly the result of the effectiveness of this anti-alcohol medicine, because this alcohol blocker provides the necessary protection during the challenging period of rehabilitation and resocialization in an outpatient program.

We have been providing this procedure successfully for many years and it has proven to be a very effective, reliable and safe solution in the alcohol addiction treatment! We have the right and proven medical tools, knowledge and experience for help with alcohol addiction.

If you or your loved one are struggling with alcohol addiction, don’t hesitate to contact us for free consultations at any time! The doors of MedTiM rehabilitation center are always open to you!

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